Our company's first conference poster ever!

Last week I had a great pleasure to attend two events organized by the Pistoia Alliance:

  • The Centre of Excellence for the AI/ML in Life Sciences Workshops,
  • The Annual EU Conference for 2019.

The events’ agenda was filled with very valuable talks, presentations and discussion panels that covered a wide range of topics. I mention these which resonated the most with me.

Representatives from big pharmaceutical companies, incl. Jonas Bostrom from AstraZeneca and Michael Lange from Roche, described their progress with introducing AI/ML and lab automation techniques into the daily workflow at their companies. On the other hand, a couple of presenters, especially Mark Earll from Syngenta, reminded us that AI/ML are not panacea for the digital challenges in front of our industry.

Colleagues from Elsevier, which was the main sponsor of the event, showed the results of their Pistoia-backed Rare Disease Repurposing Datathon. Huge congratulations to all the teams - great job, guys! Furthermore, Elsevier’s Tim Hoctor had an interesting presentation about the UDM project. This project is of particular interest to Molecule.one, as a unified format of reaction data would greatly increase the benefits of cooperation between us and our clients.

The networking at the event was very productive, leading to inspiring discussions with representatives of various entities. Topics ranged from technical questions about our software, through opportunities for collaboration, all the way to the potential use cases for the blockchain technology within the life science industry (thank you for that, Jake Dreier!)

Last – but not least – I had the opportunity to present a poster about the importance of start-ups in the AI/ML innovation ecosystem in the pharmaceutical industry. The poster resonated very well among the audience, leading to interesting discussions about the role of companies like Molecule.one in the digital transformation of life science companies. Unfortunately, the poster prize was claimed by our colleagues from Bayer, who showed off their lab automation project. We will, however, come back stronger. :)

IMG_2644.jpg caption

Big thanks to Pistoia Alliance for the opportunity to participate and present our poster. A special shout-out to Vladimir Makarov and Zahid Tharia who were our PoCs for the events.

Stay tuned for more good news from the team of Molecule.one!

Photo credits: Pistoia Alliance (top) and Sjoerd van Hagen (bottom).




Piotr Byrski